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When Space is an Issue

When space is an Issue Header

So you have built the world's greatest 'man cave', loaded to the brim with all the electronic bells and whistles that any home theater enthusiast would die for. You have the perfect projector, playing the perfect movie from the perfect speakers, with lighting that makes you think you should have done this kind of think for a living!  Ok, so the next and final step is easy – it's the home theater seating. So, you head down to your den of pleasure and pride and pull out the tape and start to plan the rows for you, the 5 kids and two best friends. This is where it all turns to salt and fear and shock smacks you in the face. You realize that you have enough room for yourself, three out of the five kids and maybe one neighbor, if you make one of the rows a loveseat!!

Don't despair. This is not the point where you start to bang your head against the wall thinking how you could have missed something so simple. This is the point where you look for the famous Octane or Palliser space savers. Home theater seats designed specifically for the space challenged environment by cleverly changing certain elements of the seating while keeping all the comfort and sleek design.

Space Saving Home Theater Seats

Here are some great options to choose from before you do anything you might regret:

Palliser Bullet

Row of 3 Palliser Bullet Home Theater Seats

These seats have been listed in my order of preference and here are a few features that I love about each of the options listed above. The Palliser Bullet or 41946 is the space saver that combines the best style with a nice high back for neck and shoulder support.

The other great feature on this Palliser home theater seat is the pillow top style seat cushion. Two inches thick and made from memory foam, it is a newly introduced concept that adds incredible comfort to anyone sitting in this seat.

These are home theater seats and the chances are you will be sitting in them for hours at a time so this is a nice key feature. This home theater seating collection also features removable tray tables and LED lighting.

Octane Diesel

Row of 2 Octane Diesel theater seats with lights

This is my favorite introduction in years. The Octane Diesel is the ultimate space saving design with tastefully subtle features like ambient base rail lighting and a chaise styled foot rest.

The Diesel is available in straight and curved rows with or without power recline. Delivered with a limited lifetime warranty on the frame, this space saving design fits beautifully in your media room or home theater.

Make sure to ask about all the accessories available with this style too that includes items like iPad holders, reading lights, wine glass holders and tray tables. Each of these accessories slides into a spindle located in the front portion of the arm rests allowing for easy use of any number of options. Tray tables are a must and USB chargers come in second in popularity.

Octane XS400 Bolt

Octane Bolt Space Saving Home theater Recliner

The Octane Bolt is a dynamic style introduced by Octane Seating to fill the gap needed for smaller frame seating that can allow for many seats per row. This space saver theater seat has an unusual styled seat back where the back itself is split vertically into two panels. This serves to provide excellent lower lumbar support. Ask any person familiar with home theater seating which seat consistently ranks in their top spot for comfort, and you will hear 'The Bolt".

The seat backs on this model detach when they leave the factory and ship fast to your home. With the backs detached, one can easily maneuver the seating through door ways and down stairs as they make their way to your home theater room.

Other Palliser Models

Palliser Auxillary in black leather with lights

The Auxillary is another Palliser space saver that has been in the market now for many years and continues to gain strength among home theater enthusiasts. The Auxillary has our preferred chaise foot rest and the theater chair can be ordered with a multitude of different leathers, fabrics and bonded leathers.

Most Palliser seats are built on a smaller foot print than other manufacturers' products.  They would work well for small spaces and the warranties on these seats are outstanding. The material is warranted for 3 years unlike 1 year with many other home theater seats. The styles are also more contemporary.

Some of the best options to consider from Palliser are the new Sierra II - which takes home theater seating to a much more contemporary look and feel. The thinner arms and the tall back give one all the options for comfort whilst watching your favorite shows and TV.

Traditional Movie Seating

Cinema Seating Venice Commercial Movie Chairs

Finally, where space both across and front and back is a problem, consider going with a traditional movie seat from Bass Industries or the Cinema collection.  These seats are exactly like the ones in the movie house you enjoyed visiting a few years back but no longer need now that you have joined the ranks of the home theater enthusiast.

They are extremely space conscious, much more so than anything else mentioned above but have the obvious drawback of not having the ability to fully recline like the loungers referenced above.

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