The symphony orchestra is a type of music ensemble that has lasted and evolved throughout centuries. Classical musicians have been studied for years, thanks to their many contributions to the symphony orchestra and music history as a whole. The instrument classes of the orchestra include brass, woodwind, string and percussion. The composition of the orchestra has been largely unchanged throughout the centuries, making it a staple in music education.

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The stepping stones of the orchestra date all the way back to Ancient Egypt. By the 17th Century, the writing and composition of music became more organized, which gave way to instrument groups, with a variety of sounds, tones, and pitches. It was during the Baroque era that a number of pioneers began advancing the techniques and styles that shape the symphony orchestra. These pioneers throughout Europe created instrumentation technique that shape many of the sounds heard today. Some of the most famous symphony orchestras in the world include the Berlin Philharmonic orchestra, the London Symphony Orchestra, and the Cleveland Orchestra. The latter is also part of the “Big Five” orchestras of the United States; others included are the New York Philharmonic, the Boston Symphony Orchestra, the Chicago Symphony, and the Philadelphia Orchestra.

Typical, symphony orchestra instruments include the violin, viola, bass, oboe, trumpet and percussion instruments. A number of orchestras are still widely recognized throughout the world, selling out large indoor and outdoor venues. Students in grade school are taught about the history of the symphony orchestra, and those who learn musical instruments often learn pieces from the most famous orchestral composers. An orchestra is an art form that is highly respected amongst music historians and students, and the legacy continues today. People who want to become more familiar with the symphony orchestra should look into composers and musicians who helped create and shape the culture. They should also learn about specific traits of the art form, and how it has changed throughout the course of a few centuries.

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