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Home Theater Seating Essentials

Home theater Seating essentials Header

The majority of home theater buyers focus their attention and their budget on the equipment that make up their entertainment system like the latest projection or screen equipment, surround sound speakers and other cutting edge audio and visual equipment. Most buyers overlook an absolutely essential element to their viewing experience—home movie theater seating. The importance of movie theater chairs, sofas and other movie theater seating options for your home theater should not be ignored.

You and your audience will be spending approximately two hours in the movie theater seating you choose for your home per viewing, thus, it is essential that your home movie theater seating is as cutting edge as the rest of your equipment. Below we will outline a few bare essentials to consider when deciding the home movie theater chairs that best fit your needs.  Also make sure that you do your research online by visiting some of the valuable resources available for home theater design and home theater furniture.

Know Your Audience

Lane Executive Home theater Seating Reclined

This is an absolute essential for any businessman or marketer, but is also a golden rule for individuals looking for the best home movie theater seating. In this case we mean the phrase quite literally. How many people do you plan on entertaining on a regular basis? Are these individuals adults? Are they children? Are they elderly? All of these factors will help you make a decision about your home movie theater seats.

If you plan on hosting a large number of people, you will obviously need more movie theater chairs and the arrangement of the home theater chairs will be different in order for everyone to have a superior viewing experience. If you want to be able to cuddle up with a spouse or significant other during a film, it would be wise to invest in a sectional or home movie theater chair that is not separated by arm rests. If you have children and intend to host birthday parties or events where children will be present, buying home theater chairs that are easily cleanable to protect against the common soda spills and stains that usually accompany kid's events, may be a worthwhile decision.

If you plan on hosting the elderly, a home movie theater chair that is easy to get in and out of with maximum back support, may be your smartest option. Knowing your audience is essential to making the best home movie theater seating decision. Home movie theater chairs come in a wide variety of styles and features, building a list of your audience may help narrow the scope of home movie theater chairs that best fit your needs.

Movie Theater Chair Comfort

Row of 2 Jaymar 59212 Home Theater Chairs

Once you have determined your audience, home movie theater chair comfort should be your next concern. Your audience should be watching a horror movie, not feel like they are in one. A common mistake of home theater enthusiasts is to invest in the best audio and visual equipment but purchase home movie theater chairs that make the experience feel like a trip to the dentist. Don't make the same mistake.

Make sure your movie theater chairs have thick armrests and invest in seating that offers footrests and other comfortable options. Your movie theater seat should provide comfort from head to toe. Look for movie theater chairs with stability and flexibility in the seat and back with high density foam cushions for maximum support. Remember you are not looking for a bed but comfort and support should be weighed heavily in determining your home movie theater chairs.

Home Theater Chairs That Last

When selecting the home movie theater seats you want, be sure to consider the durability and strength of your selection. Many home theater chairs offer warranties and other features that would ensure your seat's permanence. Movie theater seating can be very expensive, so do not rush into your decision. Do your research to ensure your home theater chair will be a lasting and sound investment.

Home Theater Décor

Coja Kendall Traditional Home Theater Seat

Our last tip for home theater seating is ensuring that your home movie theater chairs are aligned with the look and feel of its surroundings. For individuals who plan on their home theater being integrated into a family or living room may opt for more traditional looking home theater chairs. Be aware of the design elements that make up the room and build your home theater chairs accordingly.

With the wide variety of style options available, you should be able to find the home theater seat that matches your home aesthetics. If you are building your home theater in a separate room in your house, consistency should be your highest priority. A popular trend in home theater design is building home theaters with a theme. Individuals will tailor their home theater seats, walls and other elements in the colors of their favorite baseball or football team. Others model their theater to look like a drive in movie, or parody their favorite film.

Your home movie theater chairs will take up the majority of your theater space and thus should participate in the theaters look and feel. Theater Seat Store offers a wide array of seating options including seats styled with your favorite sports team's colors and logo. Select your "sports" home theater chairs for your favorite team in the NFL, NBA, NCAA, MLB and the NHL here.

Wireframe of Home Theater Room


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