For the serious fan, football is not a hobby it is a lifestyle. It’s no coincidence that football games are on Sunday morning, it is providence. For the football faithful, the big game is nothing short of a religious experience and the home theater is the chapel to the grid-iron Gods. More and more stations are broadcasting games in high-definition, making the home theater a part of the rites and rituals of game day.

Game Day Seating

Since the home entertainment theater is the altar of worship for the pig-skin parishioner, it is no wonder that more and more individuals are making their favorite team part of their home theater. We are not talking about just player jerseys and signed balls adorning the theater walls but a fully branded team experience right down to your NFL furniture.

Team Home Theater Furniture

Home theaters have become an immensely popular feature among sports fans that pull out all the stops for the best game viewing experience. Fans have built extensive systems combining the latest in audio and visual technology for a truly one of a kind game screening. But their favorite teams are not only on the television or projector screen, they are now on the theater furniture;sports recliners, sofas, and sectionals are available designed with your favorite team’s logo and colors.

High quality home theater furniture can be customized with a team design at an affordable price. More and more sports fanatics are trading in the face paint for these unique team movie theater seats and transforming their home theater into a football arena.


Theater Seat Store, a leading home theater retailer, is feeding the sports fanatic in us all with team designed home theater furniture. They offer multiple home theater furniture options for various teams of the NFL, NBA,NCAA, MLB and NHL. Select from individual movie theater seats or home theater sectionals for the whole family. Fans can add extra features like power recliners for maximum comfort when cheering for their team. Team home theater furniture brings both commitment and comfort to a new level.

All team branded home theater furniture is hand crafted in the USA with top grain leather in all touch areas and a leatherette match on the remaining recliner for ease of maintenance. Leather hides are individually selected to obtain an exact color match to the team’s colors with an embroidered official logo in leather and one of the best warranties in the market. How you decorate your home theater says a lot about you and these home theaters go the whole nine yards in letting the world know you are a fan in top style.

Customize Your Team Theater Furniture

Theater Seat Store also offers customized designs for your team branded home theater furniture. Fans who want to show their team colors but are interested in different look than the traditional model can work with the Theater Seat Store to create a distinctive team design for your home movie theater seats.

Once you have selected your movie theater seats and your team design, your home theater is ready for the big game. Add a few wall accessories, some sports memorabilia and snacks and you are ready to show off your team loyalty and kick-butt home theater to your friends and neighbors.