Broadcasting television shows in high-definition is becoming a standard across the industry. Most shows are available in high-definition but not all shows are made equal when it comes to home theater performance. If you are planning on taking your home theater for a test drive you should tune in to the following television shows that are designed with your home theater’s capabilities in mind.


We highly recommend this show for the home theater enthusiast and it’s not only because my cat’s name is agent Jack Bauer. This political action drama will have you on the edge of your seat and with the beautiful high-def imagery you will be able to see every terrorist scowl, muzzle flash, and explosion crystal clear. The shows audio is of the highest standards and nothing sounds better echoing through your surround sound then, Kiefer Sutherland yelling, “Put down the bomb!” This Emmy Award and Golden Globe-winning drama takes place in real time and has the intensity and fireworks we all love.


There has been a lot of hype about this show and while it has been criticized in recent years for outrageous and confusing plot lines it is absolute eye candy for home theater viewer. JJ Abrams has put together a high charged, intriguing and visual stunning narrative. The new season promises to continue this tradition and answer the big questions the Lost fan base has demanded. While this phenomenon is coming to its close it is not too late to get in on the action and enjoy the aesthetic adventures of Oceanic flight 815.


Heroes burst onto the scene and delivered one of the best super hero dramas in years. The super-human strength of this show lies in the combination of stunning special effects and delicate narrative of characters managing their powers. Each character must avoid the show antagonist seeking to obtain their super DNA. Besides being an HD visual masterpiece the show does a tremendous job of juggling serious topics of public privacy, acceptance, and discrimination. Be sure to check out Heroes for a super-natural experience

Monday Night Football

Who doesn’t love Monday Night Football? There is nothing like watching football in HD, the picture is so detailed you can see the sweat on your favorite player’s faces. The colors are vibrant and eye-popping and in Dolby Digital surround sound you won’t miss a single grunt or bone crushing hit.

Monday Night Football brings the viewer directly into the game with a picture so brilliant you can see the stitching on the ball. If you are not traditionally a sports fan, it might be time to give Monday Night Football another shot. Your home theater can transform each yard into a feast for the eyes.

Planet Earth

Ok, enough with the explosions and touchdown celebration dances, its time to learn something. Don’t reach for the remote yet, the Discovery Channel’s Planet Earth has started a recent phenomenon of informative television becoming popular and it is all thanks to HD. The visual performance of this show is nothing short of awe-inspiring. The crew travels to the most breathtaking corners of the earth to film and document animals. The camera shots are amazing and truly more dazzling than most Hollywood special effects. One taste of this show and you will be hooked.

A lot of these popular television shows can be found through any streaming DVD serivces such as NetFlix and OnDemand.