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2010 Web Excellency Awards for Movie Reviews brought to you by Theater Seat Store

Movie Reviews
Movie critics are one of the best sources for finding new and engaging films. This award showcases the best movie review blogs out there.

Movie Review Blogs

With blogging becoming hugely accessible in the 21st century, there are hundreds if not thousands of people online offering their thoughts on the popular topic of movies. Without wishing to sound negative, it’s a troubling fact that a large proportion of these blogs are nothing more than badly designed, content-poor excuses to put up a few ads. However, if you look hard enough there is a wealth of well-penned and highly readable movie review sites out there and there’s nothing better than these for helping explore the sprawling world of film.
How can you be certain that you’re getting quality reviews without without spending eons scouring the blogosphere in search for rare gems? To save time and in recognition of their fine services, our Movie Review blog award winners offer exactly what you need to ensure you know what you’re letting yourself in for when contemplating a new movie. In addition, many of the following sites serve as a soap box for movie fans to air their views on a wide variety of genres.

Congratulations to the following winners...

  • tenebrouskate.blogspot.com/
  • www.cinema-suicide.com/
  • www.eccentric-cinema.com/
  • daily.greencine.com/
  • illusionstreetcar.blogspot.com/
  • www.rickmcginnis.com/movieblog/
  • requiemforjeanrollin.blogspot.com/
  • garethsmovies.blogspot.com/
  • theruedmorgue.blogspot.com/
  • mystmovie.com/
  • sunsetgun.typepad.com/sunsetgun/
  • somecamerunning.typepad.com/
  • cinevistaramascope.blogspot.com/
  • opalfilms.blogspot.com/
  • www.jamesfrazier.biz/
  • www.ryanthemoviecritic.com/
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