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2010 Web Excellency Awards for Photography brought to you by Theater Seat Store

Life and design is something that can be enjoyed by all through means of photography. This award highlights those blogs who excel in this area.


The awards for the best design and photography blogs are distributed only to the finest blogs in their respective category and as such undergo a rigorous review process which is overseen by our panel of judges.

The award for best photography blog is given to those skillful few bloggers that are able to combine a varied range of astounding photos along with clear enthusiasm for their work, which is keeping fellow designers of any skill educated and entertained. These blogs also allow readers to live vicariously through the author and enable them to indulge in their passion for interior design. The team reviewing this category took considered many factors including the overall layout of the blog and ease of access to the content. Another important criterion is the look and style of the blog itself, and accompanying pictures and any video content were of course held to be of high importance in the overall decision.

Congratulations to the following winners...

  • www.anh-minh.com/weblog/
  • jordanferney.blogspot.com/
  • hulaseventy.blogspot.com/
  • lobsterandswan.blogspot.com/
  • 2or3things.blogspot.com/
  • thomashawk.com/
  • modish.typepad.com/
  • www.daydreamlily.com/
  • emmas.blogg.se/
  • bodieandfou.blogspot.com/
  • littlebrownpen.blogspot.com/
  • www.samanthahahn.com/blog/
  • rang-thecoloursoflife.blogspot.com/
  • www.orangebeautiful.com/blog/
  • alternatewords.com/blog/
  • thedrifterandthegypsy.blogspot.com/
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