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Shipping & Delivery Policy

Our delivery times are based on many factors, including the level of customization, your destination address, number of pieces, manufacturer processes and whether it is a custom order or an in stock item. The estimated delivery time will be displayed on your personalized sales invoice.

If the product has been custom made then we calculate delivery time by taking the estimated time it takes to manufacture the product and add the time it takes a package to travel from the manufacturer's facility to your destination address, based on the shipping alternative you've selected. Orders for multiple items or multiple orders of a single item can take longer to assemble before we're able to ship them to you.

All of our estimated delivery times are just that - estimates. We will do our best to make, or beat, these delivery estimates, but cannot guarantee these time frames will be met. We can do our best to work with exceptions, but in most cases these are not able to be accommodated, and we cannot guarantee delivery dates. The Estimated Delivery Time Frame included on your sales invoice is based on the most up-to-date inventory and/or manufacturer's lead time.

Our standard shipping method is ground shipping and we ship using many different freight carriers. We are not able to provide an option for you to select which carrier will be used for your order.

We use specialized furniture carriers to deliver your furniture and ensure it arrives in a safe and timely manner. You will be contacted in advance to schedule a delivery appointment. You will also be required to sign for the receipt of the merchandise (excludes UPS Ground, FedEx Ground and USPS). Once received, please ensure you inspect the packaging and note any damage on the shipping documents. (see Damaged and Defective Items)

When signing for your delivery without notating any problems/issues with your order on the delivery paperwork, you confirm your item was delivered to you as intended and with no damage or defect. If the driver rushes you, YOU MUST WRITE "subject to inspection" next to your signature on the Delivery Receipt and BOL. If there is damage/defect, you must put “damaged upon delivery” for each piece that is damaged/defective on the Delivery Receipt and BOL.

If you have any questions regarding your delivery, please contact our Customer Service Department at or (888) 602-7328, option #2 for Customer Service.