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Design Tips and Articles - TSS

Here is where you will find fascinating and informative articles on designing, improving and enjoying your home theater.

Are you looking for home theater ideas to create the perfect home theater, or tips to build a den worthy of watching your favorite sports team?  Maybe you are interested in ideas to spruce up your existing screening room.  

Whether you're thinking about building your first home theater, or looking for ways to dress up your current entertainment space, check out the interesting and informative articles to the right. 

We offer building and design tips, theater seat reviews, client testimonials and ways to enjoy your new home theater to the fullest.

Home Theater Design and Building Tips

Please click on any of the links below to read the articles. We hope you enjoy them and if you have any further questions please call our Comfort Specialists.


· Home Theater Seating Essentials
· It's not 'just a chair' anymore
· 5 Tips to Select the Best Home Theater Seating
· A Look at Home Theater Seating Options
· Theater Seating For Commercial Clients
· How Good is your Furniture Warranty
· How to Spot Great Leather
· Octane Seating Product Comparison Chart
· Palliser Product Comparison Chart


· How to Measure For Theater Seating
· A Brief History of Home Theater
· Designing the Perfect Theater Room
· Building Home Theater Comfort, Lighting, Seating, and Sound
· Relieve Home Theater Buying Frustration
· All About 3D in Television
· Accommodating the Crowd
· When Space is an Issue
· Amateur Home Theater Design Mistakes
· Your Favorite Team in Your Home Theater
· Finishing Touches on Your Home Theater
· The Top 5 Reasons to Buy Lane
· DIY Home Theater Design
· How to Install a Home Theater System
· Home Theater Ergonomics
· Designing Your Home Theater
· Setting Up Home Theater Acoustics
· Increase the Value of Your Home with an Updated Entertainment Room


· A Look at Designer Theater Seats
· Choosing the Best Home Theater Recliner
· Palliser Bullet - Ambient Lighting and New Power Buttons
· The Grand Masters of Home Theater Seating
· The Home Theater Seat that doesn't get enough credit
· The Lane End Zone vs Home Meridian Palisades
· Palliser Home Theater Seating for the Sports Enthusiast
· Palliser Pacifico vs Lane Matinee
· Jaymar Home Theater Seating
· Lane Home Theater Options
· Palliser: The Leader in Contemporary Home Theater Furniture


· Tips for Hosting Your Own Movie Night
· 5 Movies Made For Your Home Theater
· Best Television Shows Produced For Home Theaters
· Ultimate Fan Home Theaters
· 3D Entertainment Will Have You Jumping Out of Your Theater Seat
· All About 3D in Home Theater
· The Cost of Going to the Movies
· How to Make Furniture Last
· Seating for Spine Health
· Home Entertainment Advancements
· Home Theater Solutions: Does Blu-Ray really Make a Difference?


· All the World's a Stage: A Guide to Theater and Performance Studies
· A Guide to Reader's Theater for Students and Teachers
· Theater Inspirations: William Shakespeare
· The Best Broadway and West End Theater Ticket Deals
· An Online Guide to the History of Theater
· Your Backstage Pass to Theater Resources
· Theater, Dance and Music: A Guide to Performing Arts
· The Impact of Theatre Design
· The History of Broadway Theater
· An Annotated History of Vaudeville Theater
· Enriching The Minds Of Our Youth: The Importance of Theater Education
· A History of The Globe Theater
· The Cultural Evolution of Theater
· Theater Seats Be Filled! Make Your High School Performance a Success
· A History of Symphony Orchestra
· A Guide to Improvisational Theater
· Ancient Greek Drama and Theater
· Play Time Guide: Creating Puppet Theater at Home
· History of Puppetry and Puppet Theater
· A Guide to Ballet Theater
· Your Guide to Japanese Theater
· A History of Opera Theater
· History of Bagpipes in Theater
· Scottish Theatre Play Superstitions
· A Theater Guide To Little Red Riding Hood
· Singing in Theater
· All About Ventriloquism Theater
· Mythology in the Theater
· Ancient Roman Theater
· Off Broadway Theater
· Theater Superstitions
· Writing for Theater & Film
· A Backstage Pass to Theatre


· History of American Movies
· Movie Franchises That Refuse to Die
· Theater Magnificence: The Life and Career of Marylin Monroe
· It's Time For Muppet Theater!
· Theater Organ: Then and Now
· Theater: The Life and Works of Ed Wood
· Meet Oscar, Theater's Greatest Critic
· A Guide to Movie Censorship and Ratings
· A Guide to Movie Sound Systems
· Guide to Film Festivals and Movie Competitions
· A History of Motion Picture
· The Role of Theramin in Theatre


· Acoustic Ecology
· Top Sofas For Your Media Room
· Trends in Leather Sectionals
· Top 10 Most Expensive Home Stereos
· The Vuvuzela Controversy
· Truly Unethical Furniture (and more)
· Theater & Technology: Learning About Digital Storytelling
· Fairy Tale Resources: For Every Toddler, Kid, and Adult
· Theater or Theatre? Differences Between US and British English
· Home Entertainment on Any Budget
· How to Design Your Own Staycation
· Abraham Lincoln's Theatre Assassination
· Guide to Irish Dance
· Ancient Roman Entertainment: Gladiatorial Games
· Piano in the Theater
· Anatomy of a Violin
· Crafts You Can Do at Home
· A Capella Music and Theater
·'s Guide To Nursery Rhymes And Songs
· Fractured Fairy Tale Theater Resources


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· 2010 Web Excellency Awards - Music
· 2010 Web Excellency Awards - Interior Design
· 2010 Web Excellency Awards - Movies
· 2010 Web Excellency Awards - AV Specialists