With multiple options for crafting at home, individuals with a little creativity can complete hundreds of different projects. The first step is always gathering up the necessary materials and deciding what type of craft to complete. From there, the possibilities are endless. Both quilting and knitting are used to make everything from blankets to clothing, scarves and potholders. Jewelry making allows a person to make accessories for any outfit. Candle and soap making are practical crafts that have a real life application within the home. In addition to each of these crafting options, there are tons of ways that kids can get involved with making crafts at home. Here are several examples of crafts you can do at home as well as resources for each.


Quilting usually brings to mind a beautiful blanket with a complicated pattern. While this is one version of quilting, it is possible to try easier projects on a much smaller scale. The basics of quilting involves taking different pieces of fabric, cutting them out, and then sewing them back together in a pattern. It is possible to quilt with a sewing machine or by hand, depending on a person’s preference and the project instructions.



Knitting involves taking yarn and turning it into something new. One of the most common crafting projects for a knitter involves making a blanket. Using multiple colors of yarn and a pattern, it is possible to create tons of different unique looking crafts. There are different types of yarn, different types of needles, and different types of stiches, so there is plenty to learn when it comes to the art of knitting.


Jewelry Making

Imagine being able to produce all sorts of jewelry to match any outfit. Jewelry making is a craft that can be done at home by individuals with a variety of different skill levels. Simple beading is usually the place that most people start. From there, crafters add in wire, different types of gems, and even a variety of metals to create the perfect piece. Once beading is mastered, there are tools needed to take this craft to the next level.

jewelry making

Candle Making

Making a candle is a simple process with plenty of opportunities for creativity. Different colors and scents can be combined to make candles with a variety of different uses. When the time comes to make a candle and something goes wrong, crafters don’t need to worry. The wax can be melted again and the project can be restarted. Many people interested in recycling enjoy being able to reuse some of the materials to make new candles.

candle making

Soap Making

Soap making is a craft that requires special consideration when it comes to safety. Some of the materials used in the process can be dangerous if they come into contact with the skin. For this reason, those interested in soap making should read all of the directions first, and then work to create the first batch. Despite the challenges, soap making is a great craft that can end up saving the family money because of its useful applications.

soap making

Crafts for Kids

From a young age, kids have an opportunity to try out a variety of crafts and see which ones are appealing to them. While most require adult supervision, they usually have easy directions. Some will even require materials that people tend to already have at home. Aside from crafting in general, these activities include some type of learning application and can be changed based on the child’s age to make it easier or more of a challenge.

crafts for kids