Seat Shakers & Amplifiers

  1. Mini LFE
    Mini LFE by Buttkicker
    Sale $89 $129
    32% Off
  2. Power Amplifier BKA300-4 Wireless
    Power Amplifier BKA300-4 Wireless by Buttkicker
    Sale $339 $439
    23% Off
  3. Power Amplifier BKA300-4/NW
    Power Amplifier BKA300-4/NW by Buttkicker
    Sale $229 $299
    24% Off
  4. Amplifier w/ Flanges BKA-130-OE
    Amplifier w/ Flanges BKA-130-OE by Buttkicker
    Sale $129 $169
    24% Off
  5. Mini Power Amplifier BKA-130-C
    Mini Power Amplifier BKA-130-C by Buttkicker
    Sale $129 $169
    24% Off

When you create a home theater or media room you will probably want to look around for the best items to furnish your theater sound system with. An excellent sound system will enhance your viewing and listening experience and bring reality to everything you watch and hear.

The Buttkicker (BKA-130-C) Mini Power Amplifier is a ninety watt amplifier, built using BASH technology. It has an integrated convection cooling system to eliminate overheating and has high and low cut off filters. These pass through the output for daisy chaining multiples. These items can power up to two mini Buttkicker LFE’s—Low-Frequency Effects.

The Buttkicker Mini LFE is a linear motor designed to react to any audio signal sent by an amplifier. It compares in similarity to a loudspeaker but differs in its performance method. Instead of actually producing noise it is attached to a theater seating system to provide vibration and movement in accordance and synchronicity with what you are watching or listening to. It makes the feel of the movie or music more real.

The Buttkicker (BKA300-4) Power amplifier is a wireless version which can power up to 4 LFE’s. There are three pre-set EQ functions for games, movies, and music. Inbuilt wireless audio transmitters give this item the power to pick up sounds and transmit without the need for cords flowing around the room to each speaker. It comes with an optional base stand to allow you to place it either vertically or horizontally.

You can browse the entire range of Buttkicker power amplifiers at Theater Seat Store.