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Home Theater Seating by Size

Home Theater Seats come two different size classifications – width, and height. In regards to width, we generally see three options - small or space saver, large or oversized, and standard or a combination of both. The space saver is perfect for a home theater that needs a lot of seating. Generally the arms and seat width are slender enough that you can place more seats-per-row in a given space. Oversized Home Theater Seats feature wide seat widths and arms, with occasional wedges between arms as desired. Standard Home Theater seats can feature a variety of widths for seat and arms. These can be mix and match but at the end of the day fall neither into the large nor small category alone.

The second classification Is seat back height. It is imperative when selecting a seat that you consider the stature and height of the persons you expect to frequent the seats. Selecting a model for the appropriate height will help to prevent you and your guests from suffering back or neck pain due to poor posture or positioning.

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