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The Palliser Bullet 41946 has finally arrived offering all the features that our customers have been seeking for years. This is the first and only space saving model that offers blue LED lighted cupholders, blue LED lighted ambient base lighting, a removable swivel tray table and motorized recline.

This is another Palliser model made exclusively for the TheaterSeatStore. It was designed with thinner arms so that you can maximize the amount of seats in a smaller space. The Bullet offers a taller 44 inch seat back to accommodate patrons of all heights and a chaise style footrest to provide continuous leg support for maximum comfort. The seat back and seat cushion are deeply padded to ensure complete comfort when watching a movie for hours on end. 

The head rest has added support so you can properly see your TV screen in comfort. This model is upholstered in Top Grain soft leather in Tulsa Jet (black). The lighted cupholders are crafted in a heavy duty composite designed to support LED Lighting and finished with the look of stainless steel.


As a proud North American furniture company, Palliser Furniture is a leader in Home Theater Seating with a maintained tradition of excellence for over 60 years.. They have maintained a tradition of excellence for over 60 years. Their Collections reflect a carefully considered selection of pieces that represent quality, feature extensive choice and impart innovation. 85 luxurious leathers and over 200 fabrics are available in every color under the sun, including coordinate accent patterns. Palliser is a leader and pioneer in contemporary and classic styles that will last a lifetime.


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Unbeatable quality and value

"There are many options available out in the market if you spend time shopping around but few even come remotely close to Palliser. In terms of pure quality and detail for the money, this is the best value without a doubt. These seats are something else....they say space saver but they are large and not for a minute do I feel that they are insufficient for any member in my large family. Lighting and leather are very attractive. The long wait for these was well worth compared to many of the quick ship options out there....other seats just do not compare at all. I even considered going all the way to the top of the scale with fortress but was disappointed when seeing them in person. The pricing did not justify the end product. This seat is going to provide me many years of pleasure and enjoyment."

By John Tims from Tx

Beware Cupholder Lights Burn Out

"I bought six of these for my home theater about two years ago. Seats and the auto recline are awesome. Theater Seat Store has good customer service BUT the push button lights have a blue glow to them when plugged in and they burn out very fast. Within one month one of the lights burned out. Then one by one they burned out. Theater Seat Store replaced the cupholders free of charge. Then a few months later they started burning out again. They replaced in total 8 cupholders (two in addition to the original 6). A furniture repair guy came out and tested all electrical connections, my outlets (which are 20amp) and he took one of them with him. He said the circuit board is a cheap quality part that just burns out very quickly. So now it is two years later and each seat has at least two of the three lights burned out. The under lighting and recline still work fine it is the bulbs in the buttons that burn out for some reason. Cheap cheap cheap. I give these seats 1.5 stars because they are very comfortable, the recline is great, but the entire experience has been extremely frustrating and there is no solution to this problem other than letting all the bulbs burn out over time (which seems inevitable now). I recommend getting these seats WITHOUT the cupholder lights if you can."

By Scott F. from Fairfax, VA

i didn't mind the 8 week lead time

"....sales was very upfront ​about that. i live just outside of Grand Rapids, Mi. Its h​ard to believe the poor level of quality in the last mile ho​me group...disappointing. didn't know how to hook anything ​up. asked me if i could tell them...or get instructions...r​eally? rolled their eyes when i asked them to remove shoes ​or wear coverings as we had just installed new flooring and ​had carpets cleaned from the winter. manhandled furniture i​nstead of working together to place it. the next disappoint​ment was the original technicians assigned to put in the rep​lacement parts after they finally got here...some 3-4 weeks ​after delivery of wrong product. it seemed like it was a ma​jor inconvenience to come to my house given two full days ea​ch week to choose from. monday or friday all day or saturda​y if they wished...and they couldn't make it happen. mike f​rom saginaw that finally made the repairs was the bright shi​nning star of the service category! knowledgeable, diligent​ and everything going as it should in a li​ttle over an hour and did it all the way you would expect fo​r a paid job."

By Kim G. from Grand Rapids, MI

We LOVE Them!!

"We ordered these for our small media room, and wow! They are the hit of the neighborhood! People come and they sit and it's hard to get them to leave! We are in our late 60's and we assembled them ourselves! We have had them a year and everything is working perfectly, including the lights. The trays are really nice! Easy to clean and store when not in use. I just emailed the link to our concrete contractor who just sat in one for the first time. He'll be ordering for sure! He could not believe how solid and sturdy they are. Color us HAPPY!"

By Susan Highland from Hemet, CA

i like what i see

"issue was handled with professionalism and courtesy. luis we​nt out of his way to help me."

By larry s from Encino, CA

Great Seats

"I ordered a set of 4 and 3 chairs for my theatre. They came just past the end of the delivery window of 6 weeks, but they were worth the wait. High quality and the power recline feature is great. The only drawback is to be careful with children (or clumsy adults), these chairs can tip very easily when the footrest is extended. However, if used properly they work great and look great."

By Patrick from Long Island

Black Bullets

"Very clean and fine looking recliner. Impressive comfort."

By Anson, M. from OK

Best Home Theater Seats

"There is no better seat...tried the Lane seats and they pale in comparison. The Bullets have all the essentials and are much bigger in person than they appear in the pictures. They say these are space savers but I would personally rate these more as medium size seats with tall backs. Comfort is excellent and the leather quality is better than the $5000 natuzzi couch I had bought a few years ago."

By Albert J from Palm Island

Black Bullets

"My Bullets arrived this week and they are very impressive on both the comfort and the quality of the seats. My only complaint is how strong the lights are when you don't turn them off. They shine from under the seats onto my screen but as i mentioned, they can be turned off on the cup'holder."

By Dan Burther from Atlanta, GA

reclining is then doesn't

"I ordered 3 of these last year and loved them, so ordered 3 more this year. Palliser changed the buttons to beflat, non-tactile buttons and sometimes they don't work...very irritating to get the chair reclined and then not be able to unrecline it. Called Theater Store and they were fantastic about addressing it and sent 3 new parts. They arranged for 3rd party to come out to install and of course when he came the chairs worked. He replaced 2 of the cables inside saying they must have gotten pinched because they had a little chunk out of the outer layer. 2 days later it was happening again so Theater Store sent the whole cup assembly to replace this time. Tried them again today and they are working, so now i don't know if i should bother getting the guy to come fix it. Not happy w/how flaky the chairs are, but The Theater Store has been fantastic about trying to get the problem addressed."

By Michele from Texas

Your company is very good

"...and I'm generally pleased with my ​purchase, as well as my experience with your company. Howeve​r, when you have to reach out to sub contractors to do your ​repairs. it's obvious they don't have your best interest in ​mind."

By Mike M. from DC

Built Well

"Enjoying the seats now for about a month and am amazed at the quality and leather texture. This was an excellent purchase."

By Malcolm M from Greensborough

Slow S&H

"Ordered one set and it took 8 weeks. Ordered another set and we just past the 5 week mark and they have not been shipped. Very slow S&H"

By Chad Hines from Ohio

Great Recliners!

"After 6 months of owning these recliners I can now say that "I love these recliners". Very comfortable and supportive. Plus the look/feel of the chairs/leather are awesome! Trays come in very handy when you are watching back-to-back football games. The entire process was smooth. Thanks for a great experience!"

By George from New Hampshire


"Great help from Tom"

By Mickey from OR


"Our Chairs arrived in less than 3 weeks in perfect condition​. A pollite and efficient team got them set up in minutes a​nd took the packaging materials away. The chairs are everyt​hing as advertised and the quality of the leather is very go​od. The space save design fits perfectly in our room"

By Curtis, B. from Charlotte, NC


"....process was quick, "white glove" delivery went smoo​th. Happy about the overall experience. Was nervous about bu​ying furniture online but would buy from here again!"

By Adam Jordan from WA

Good work

"I have very good experience and their provided services. . K​eep it up good work ."

By Kirtikumar Doshi from PA

My purchase of Theater seating

"....was well worth it I absolutel​y love how comfortable and relaxing the seats are I would r​ecommend them to anyone who is thinking about purchasing the​m for there home, my only regret is that I did not buy them ​sooner. I want to thank Theater Seats and there staff. ​"

By Frankie B. from North Haven, CT

Chairs were delivered

".... and assembled with white glove service​. But one of the 4 chairs lights don't work. I called and le​ft 2 messages about it and nobody has returned my call. It w​as a $3000+ purchase. -Brandt"

By Brandt, T. from New Orleans, LA

5/5 stars

"ordering was easy and seats are comfortable and well-priced"

By Randeye, K. from FL

Happy Customer

"The order was received yesterday and we are very happy with the furniture. Thanks again for all that you did throughout the process. Be Blessed"

By Ellwood from Washington, DC

The Bullets

"Really like the seats and have found the customer service to be excellent."

By Thomas L. from Wichita, KS


"Harrison, excellent service and support from you and your company. I would highly recommend you and your company to anyone!"

By Richard Smith from Eden Praire, MN


"I received excellent support from the service department when I had an issue with two of my theater chairs. The service department handled the issue very professionally and provided the necessary parts very quickly."

By Keith from Winter Garden, FL

Excellent chairs with all the options for a very good price!

"The theaterseatstore delivered a great set of chairs and was top notch in customer service! Big thanks to Shara who watched my order all the way through delivery. I highly reccomend this company and the Bullet Powered theater seats. The whole family really enjoys the chairs! I ordered a row of four curved and am very happy!"

By Dean Roberts from Grand Blanc, MI

Seem to be fair

"Seem to be fair"

By Nassef from Alger, Algeria

Fast and Reliable

"I called your customer service department and spoke to Sally. I explained about two damaged cup holders and was shocked at how polite and concerned she was and even more shocked at how fast the replacements came. She followed up with an e-mail and really made me feel the company cares"

By Tony S. from Orlando, FL

Palliser 41946

"Me and my wife love these seats thanks alot Bill for recomending these seats for my movie room. They were easy to set up and were perfect for my limited space that I had to work with."

By Leon from Crowley TX

The way to go

"Having tried a number of different palliser brand seats, i can comfortably say that this one was the best choice for me. Had the benefit of going to see the seat in a friend's home theater and the size and comfort worked very well for me..i am 5 ft 11 inches tall and did not findthis seat to small or space saving."

By Marcus from Huntsville


"Purchased the Palliser Bullet, and was charged 06 January. Here we are now 18 chairs, no email, no receipt of purchase. Company attempted to ship incorrect chairs because they do not read email correspondence. Since that time, have called and was told wold take one week to verify incorrect chairs were returned to their warehouse."

By Robby from FL

Awesome, comfortable chair.

"Ordered 8 of these, with white glove delivery. Very comfortable chair. Power recline is terrific, with the ability to easily adjust the chair to any optimal viewing position. LED lights in the cup holders and beneath the chairs are striking, but we do need to turn off the lights when the chairs are reclined and we're watching a movie, or there is a blue spill over the screen. The lights really add a nice dramatic touch to the theater. I also added blue LED lighting to the back row seat riser and above the theater crown molding. Everybody loves the chairs."

By Ed Jose from Severna Park, MD


"Really Good Chair"

By Adam from LA


"Was worried ordering seats on web without trying them out. But these are excellent. One of the seat was missing the cup holder coasters, but theaterseatstore said they will send them out in a week. Each seat requires a power connection. I wish they were inter connected so that the wires are not all over the place. But I can live with that."

By SP from Westford MA

Epic chairs!

"We purchased a configuration of 4 of these seats for our home movie theater and we LOVE them! They are super comfortable and look amazing. The LED feature really impresses people. I'd recommend these to anyone looking for top notch theater chairs!"

By Gabriel Ross from Mesa, Arizona

Fantastic Seats

"These seats are wide, comfortable, and supportive. There is no better way to watch a movie or the game. People are always impressed with the auto-recline and the lighting features/tray tables are awesome. Highly reccomended!!"

By Mike from MA


"We purchased the Bullit & we love,love,love them.They are so comfy & the LED lights are so bright & pretty. We are also so glad that we got the power recline.Very happy."

By Sharon from Pa.

Nice Chairs!

"These HT seats are great! I have been holding off buying because I wasn't sure what brand I wanted and who I wanted to buy from. There are so many on-line options, it get confusing. I have a narrow room so I knew I needed a space saving chair. I originally called the Theater Seat Store to inquire about a Berkline chair. After getting the information about the Berkline chair, I asked Bill Lorden about the Palliser Bullet. He said that Palliser makes it exclusively for the Theater Seat Store and said it was a great value. The fact that they were back ordered on the black chair speaks to their popularity. I was in no rush so I placed an order for 3 chairs in a straight row. It took about 6 weeks for the chairs to come in. I was a bit nevous about buying a piece of furniture that I hadn't actually seen in person, but after setting up the chairs last night, I am very satisfied with the quality of the leather surfaces, the overall look and comfort of the chair, and the "bells whistles" (the tray, power recline, and LED illumination). I did not get white glove delivery but the assembly was super easy. I am glad I upgraded to the power recline and its infinite positioning. The LED lighting is cool, but I wish there was a brightness adjustment on the chair. I wasn't sure that I would like the tray, but they are cleverly designed and strudy once you put them on the chair. The tray has a smooth, polished finish looks high quality. Overall a very pleasant experience. Now, I am debating about when to buy a second row to complete the theater in matching chairs."

By Mark from Charlotte, NC


"Amazing, amazing, amazing......looked at the best buy models and nearly went for the magnolia but am i happy i didn't. These seats offer far more and are the best choice by far. Thanks to bill for the help."

By bill worley from texas

Love The Lighting

"Great seats! Love the head and neck support. Lights are so cool and make the room!"

By Tara from Denver

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Palliser Bullet 41946

Black Top Grain Leather | Power Recline

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List Price $1129.00

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Upholstery and Finish

Upholstered in a 100% corrected top grain leather on all seating surfaces in a deep black (Tulsa Jet).

This top grain leather achieves a smoothness and softness only attained through a sophisticated tanning process with quality standards made to last. This leather is thick and has long wearing and spill resistant features.

Excellent for everyday use and for families with pets and children.


Quality Excellent Quality & Craftsmanship
Curio Type
Heat Settings
Power Source
Heats Room Size
Energy Efficiency
Remote Control
Upholstery Leather, Leather/Match
Material Type
Wood Type
Veneer Type
Wood Inlays
Color Black
Wood Finish Color
Metal Finish Color
Drawer Construction
Drawer Glides
Drawer Interiors
Dust Proof Drawers
Adjustable Shelving
Self Closing Drawers
Hidden Drawers
Jewelry Trays
Touch Lighting
Locking Mechanism
Locking Cabinets
Door Mechanism
Wire Management
Power Management
TV Opening Size
Door Fronts
Recline Mechanism Power Recline
Recline Options Inch-A-Way Recliner
Size Space Saver
Seat Back Height 44"
Seating Area Width 23"
Arm Style
Seat Back Style
Tray Tables Removable Swivel Tray Table
Cupholders Blue LED Lighted Cupholders
Lighted Baserail Blue LED Ambient Lighted Baserail
Massage or Heat
Wall Hugger Yes, Reclines within Inches of the Wall
Footrest Chaise Style Footrest
Seats Per Row
Frame Construction Kiln-Dried Hardwood Frame
Leg Finish
Cushions Extra Plush Cushioning
Foam High Density Foam
Springs Sinuous Springs
Bulb Wattage
Bulbs Included
Socket Size
Number of Sockets
Power Cord Style
Power Cord Length
Power Switch
Shade Diameter
Shade Height
Shade or Fixture Color
Ceiling Plate Diameter
Assembly Each Seat Ships Separately & Fully Assembled, Must Attach Seat Backs
Warranty 10 Year Warranty on Frames and Springs | 7 Years on Recline Mechanisms | 5 Years on Leather and Foam | 1 Year on Power Recline and Fabric | 2 Years on Mattresses
Outter Back
Inner Back
Steel Structure
Test Specifications
Seating Type

Mattress Details



Width Depth Height
1 Recliner 34 41 44
1 Row of 2 Seats Straight 62.5 41 44
1 Row of 3 Seats Straight 91 41 44
1 Row of 4 Seats Straight 120 41 44
1 Row of 4 Seats Straight with Middle Loveseat 114 41 44
1 Row of 2 Seats Curved 67.5 44 44
1 Row of 3 Seats Curved 103 45 44
1 Row of 4 Seats Curved 137 47 44
1 Row of 4 Seats Curved with Middle Loveseat 124 45 44