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Ballet History: Learn about ballet from medieval courts to present day.

19th Century Ballet: Ballet developed tremendously in the 1800s.

Ballet Evolution (PPTX): Watch a presentation on ballet's evolution

A Guide to Ballet: Trace the evolution of ballet from old to modern times.

Styles of Ballet

Ballet Styles: This overview runs through all the different types of ballet.

Russian Ballet Style: See how Russian ballet differs from the classical style.

Ballet Methods: Ballet styles can differ based on geographical variations.

Teaching Styles: Compare differences between various schools of ballet.


Technique and Training: Years of training are required to perfect ballet technique.

Ballet Technique: Rigorous ballet technique helps to create the appearance of grace.

Types of Techniques: Learn about ballet exercises and training techniques.

Russian Techniques: Read a free online instructional book on Russian ballet techniques.

Ballet and Health

Health Benefits: Ballet offers several mental and social benefits for dancers.

Dance Injuries: Dancers should be aware of common ballet injuries and treatments.

Injury Prevention: Learn about dance injury causes and preventative measures.

Costumes and Apparel

Pointe Shoes (PDF): Pointe shoes help to support dancers on their toes.

Ballet Costume Resources: Find suppliers for all kinds of ballet costume requirements.

Costume Evolution: See how ballet costumes evolved over time and countries.

Performance Costumes: View an image gallery of ballet costumes for famous performances.

Popular Ballets

Famous Ballets: Read summaries and facts about the most famous ballets.

Giselle : These detailed notes include a synopsis of Giselle.

Swan Lake: Discover the story behind one of the most well-known ballets.

The Nutcracker: Read about the popular ballet, which is a favorite at Christmas.

Ballet Companies

Famous Ballet Companies: Find websites for prominent ballet companies in North America and Europe.

Ballet Database: Browse through a comprehensive online resource of ballet companies worldwide.

Royal Ballet: The Royal Ballet in the UK is one of the most famous in the world.

New York City Ballet: The NYC Ballet company is reputed to be among the finest in the U.S.


Ballet Dictionary: Look up technical ballet words and terms online.

Famous Names: Read about the some of the most influential names in ballet.

Ballet Benefits: Children can benefit physically and mentally from learning ballet.

Ballet Basics (PDF): This guidebook introduces a detailed background of ballet for beginners.

Life of a Dancer : Have a look at a day in the life of a professional ballet dancer.

Studio Etiquette: It is always important to observe proper etiquette in a ballet studio.